Vintage Yale key jewellery set


This jewelery set has been forged from an vintage door & padlock keys By the lock maker Yale.

Product Description

This set is made from 2 vintage Yale keys. The ring has been forged from an old door key By the lock maker Yale and the key oon the bracelet is from a vintage padlock. The keys may vary slightly to the one in the picture.

The business was founded as the Yale Lock Manufacturing Co. in 1868 by Linus Yale, Jr., the inventor of the pin tumbler lock, and Henry R. Towne. The name was later changed to Yale & Towne. In the twentieth century the company expanded worldwide through purchases, acquisitions and joint ventures with other companies in the industry and employed more than 12,000 people.

This key has been hand forged to form a beautiful dress ring which is avialable in S,M or L. The bracelet comes in either small- 6.5″, medium 7.5″ or large 8.5″ and the key is riveted to a leather strap with a lobster clasp to fasen