Upcycled steampunk dragonfly necklace/Brooch


Upcycled steampunk dragonfly

Product Description

Remember those  hazy,  days of summer. Dragonflies darting from reed to reed by the lake shore or sitting serenely on a delicate twig. These dragonfly necklaces capture the allure of those hot summer days and the quiet breezes off of the lake surface and blend the intrigue of the steampunk craze with the vintage watch movements riding on the dragonfly backs. Marvel at the exquisite vintage wristwatch movements finished off with ruby red jewelled bearings. They are a stunnning accompaniments to any outfit. These dragonflies may vary to the one in the picture slighlty as every watchpart is unique. They are also available as a brooch. Available in purple, black or red.

Approx Size:  45mm Long x 75mm Wide


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